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I just got my Recoil 3 two days ago and with work I just got some hands on this evening. I have questions about proper technique. I was amazed at the nasty water in the recovery tank and took a good look at it since it seemed I hadn't affected the carpet much. Is pre spraying going to help? what pointers do you guys have for me. I could use the help.
Category: Carpet Post By: AMBER WILLIAMSON (Shreveport, LA), 02/12/2019

RockStar; Yes, it will take a few times before you get onto the technique of cleaning and using a wand. Happens to all of us when we are starting out. First, your system is operating just fine because as you have indicated, the recovery water was dirty. And, that would indicate that your system is powerful in regards to extraction performance(we all ready know that) I would think that if you Pre-Sprayed the carpet, or particularly, the high traffic areas, let dwell (approx. 10 mins+-), then hot water rinse, then this will be a good beginning. From here, it becomes wand technique. Your wand is 12 wide. On very dirty areas, move the wand --back & forth-- in a straight pattern, approx. 2 1/2 foot stokes, while spraying in both directions. Concentrate on this area (12 w x 2 1/2' L) while flushing out the dirt/grim. When you feel it is clean, turn off water flow and take a few extra dry strokes. Then, move wand over to the next area (12 w x 2 1/2 L) The more you do this the better technique and experience you will acquire. However, never forget that you cannot preform miracles either. Worn areas or sometimes what we preceive to be dirty areas will not always come out looking as a clean-clean appearance because of other factors involved. Hope this helps! Good Fortune; Ed Valentine

- ALVIN LUCAS (Hemet, CA), 03/17/2019

What is a Recoil 3?

- AARON BROOKS (Des Moines, IA), 03/22/2019

Please go to our web page: or, call me for further details if you wish. Here in Michigan 734-665-2399 9-3 pm Ed Valentine

- MATTIE REEVES (Fort Worth, TX), 03/13/2019

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